The Khazar Codex – Graham Fulbright. Book Review

When fire breaks out during the West End opening of a revival of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, not all the spectators are bustled out of The Kemble’s auditorium… The Prime Minister’s son Nigel Hastings, two cast members and seven spectators are taken hostage by New METRO, a group militating in favour of London’s homeless. With the theatre under siege, one of the hostages – a Gulf War veteran – breaks through the theatre basement into a neighbouring vault that houses valuable works of art. But when Nigel and two other captives take up the challenge of cracking the code to an enigmatic casket discovered in the vault, they trigger an unprecedented chain of discoveries. What starts out as a headline-grabbing crisis quickly descends into the discovery of an ancient codex, one which holds explosive consequences for Judaism, Christianity and Islam by purporting to invalidate the very foundations of these three religions.

Publisher: Troubador, January 2015

Reviewer:  Jim Murdoch

What do you get when you mix religion, history, crime and acts of terror against a nation, all set at a west end play? An outstanding read that delivers from the opening curtain, emerge yourself in thrills and spills to the very end.

Author Graham Fulbright has written seven novels as well as three stage plays, but there was nothing scripted about this book. Fulbright delivers a literacy master­class in boasting a strong character build, riddled with sophisticated dialogue.

From the very beginning I could sense the amount of work that went into creating this novel. Mr Fulbright has clearly done some homework, and I got the feeling that I had bagged a chair with some of London’s elite minds. I could almost feel a glass of fine red wine in my hands as I became engrossed in the intellectual conversations I had at my disposal.

I would recommend taking this one on that Easter holiday you’ve had planned, you will not want t0 put this down for a second, and you may as well get that great tan while working up a mind sweat. To begin with there is so much going on that it may get a little confusing. Hold out, because it will all weave together like fine stitching.  Prepare yourself for a pulsating finale, with tense code cracking, edge of your seat velocity.


Artist Spotlight – Bethan Davies

I love that I am able to follow the progression in an artist very close to me, my friend Bethan Davies. In thought that book covers are so important these days – I can’t wait to see her begin work on my first novel, in turn she will love seeing her art work distributed and shown off in such a way.
What makes an artist stand out, well that would be originality and a sense of identification. I’m now beginning to see Beth’s art take on a new direction; this is her latest piece recently posted up on her personal instagram @bethmdavies
I’m in awe on the mystery that the piece takes on, set in bold lines and filler that builds into an almost water colour feel. It gives off the impression of reality and not. A woman in two minds, a person in separate dimensions. Beth uses faces that spell out a story in every line of the skin, her work is bold gutsy and powerful. Follow her journey

MojoDad Jim’s guide to fatherhood – Part 2

Part Two – Brand New Life


I would love to start by telling you all that babies come with a manual, or that everything you hear from others about how hard parenting can be is an exaggeration. But I can’t. Maybe Paul from your college days got off fairly easy with a quiet content little angel, perhaps yours will be too. I learnt from having two sons, no two babies are the same; I sometimes think my first was a good baby to trick me into giving him a brother so soon. Continue reading

MojoDad Jim’s guide to fatherhood – Part one

– Part one of my recent Mojomums blog post.

So it occurred to me that I write a lot about parenting, I also write a lot about mothers issues, and why not; the mothers are my audience after all. Being a father of two I feel I have genuine experience that could indeed benefit the expectant fathers on what’s to come, coupled with some friendly male advice on the best ways to prepare. To do this thoroughly I have divided this blog post into three parts, this being part one. One thing is for sure Daddys-to-be, your life as you know it will never be the same again. Continue reading

Help me, I’m a writer

Help me I’m a writer

When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.’ – Margaret Laurence

It’s certainly been a strange journey for me up to this point. What started out as a simple quest to write and publish a book has opened up into a whole galaxy of other opportunities. You have to bear in mind that I’ve not come out of school, college or university with a fancy writing degree. I’ve been blessed, or even cursed in another way of looking at it, that I’ am so much better at writing what I would like to say rather than speaking. So much so, one of my biggest fears about becoming an established author is that I might have to practice public speaking. So I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be sitting here calling myself an actual writer. Continue reading