Exclusive first look into my upcoming book.

Thought I would give you a little taster of my forthcoming book with a small insert from chapter 13.
Working Title is: My Time To Die
Let me know if it intrigues any of you.


Every time I thought I was uncovering more of a hidden memory, Liu’s face appeared, always there watching, always there preventing me for searching deeper. Thoughts began wondering off, remembering the state I had left her in. Was she still alive, did they leave her drowning to death in a pool of her own agonising tears? I missed her, I missed her so much it hurt, I couldn’t deny the feelings that were growing inside. I had that giddy feeling, like when I would eat an apple as a boy, accidentally swallowing a pip and being told a tree would grow inside me. I could feel the seed of love-making its way out to overgrow me, to overcome me, to swallow me up and kill me.
The night we spent together, the memory playing out through my closed eyes like a silent black and white movie that only emphasised every single breath. Not wanting the images to disappear, afraid that I would lose another memory to the blackouts I was having, I kept my eyes closed standing still as a rock, losing myself in that wonderful moment.
Like an emergency broadcast almost, the memory was interrupted by other memories, flashing in and out of view like a poorly planned computer virus. I was in a café, but I was hovering on the ceiling as if I were having an outer body experience. Liu was there, sitting on a table all on her own, playing with a mug of coffee that seemed as if it had long-lost its heat. She looked sad, she looked lonely, she kept looking over at a novelty clock on the wall. I tried to make out the time but there was no face, it looked blurry as if it had been censored for post water-shed viewing. Why couldn’t I see the time? Trying with every ounce of subconscious strength to get a closer look, but just like trying to follow an eye floater, the more I tried to look the further away it got. Giving up, my vision focused back on Liu, only now she was no longer sitting. An involuntary shiver came over me as I watched over Liu; she was standing against the wall of the café pointing up at the clock, not looking at the clock but staring at me. Liu’s face was wide-eyed with fear, mouthing a message as there was no sound, although the harder I looked for a clearer view of what she was trying to tell me, the louder her screams got. Beginning as a high-pitched noise only the canine species would recognise, the screams escalated into an ear drum piercing sound that made my head want to burst. Through clenched eyes I could still make her out, now sat with knees pressed to her chest. Her hands grasping her head in agony, eyes still open with fear, jaw locked open releasing sound excrement. Slowly I pulled out a hand to reach her, the pain no longer mattered to me as long as I could tell her everything was going to be okay, but in my heart I knew that was a lie, nothing was going to be okay. It was if she read my thoughts, her mouth closed and everything stopped at the eerie silence. Still I remained pinned to the ceiling, Liu’s expression turned to that of seriousness, she clawed her way onto her feet using the wall. Her focus was me and me alone. Just as I was beginning to familiarise myself with just how cute she looked, she then flipped that feeling on its backside when she opened her mouth again. This time there was no high pitch scream, but a remarkably deep and frightening voice.
‘Look at the time Mason. Not your time!’


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