The Road Ahead…

This is a big year for me. My plan is to officially call myself an Author by the year’s end.
My biggest question to myself, and I know to most amateur writers is whether to go down the self publishing road or the ‘rejection filled’ big publishers road.


I’ve decided to go down the self publishing route, becoming an Indie Author. Not because I’m afraid of the rejection that mostly comes with handing your work off to the big publishing companies, especially when you hear how the likes of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter was turned down so many times. When you have something good, you know in your heart of hearts it is worth pursuing.
Currently I’ am sitting on one completed novel, yet to be edited and yet to be named, it was my NaNoWriMo project. I have also another shorter novel that I hope to have finished off in the next couple of months. I realised, through research, that there is no use selling one novel if you don’t have another to keep your new-found fan-base something to look forward to. In the time it takes me to write and edit another novel most of the people who read my first would have long gone and I would become a distant memory.
Self publishing sounds like hard work, speaking to the Indie Authors I’ve interviewed, but it also sounds like a lot of fun. I will get to have my books, my way; I even have an illustrator already lined up for my cover art.
My marketing plan, once both novels are ready, is to release one novel for free to subscribers to this blog. This may cost me a little but in the long run I could gain some valuable followers, who upon reading my first book might then want to purchase the next. I’m in the process of trying to work out the best way to get this blog out to a wider audience; sometimes I find it difficult to boast what I have when there are so many awesome blogs and amateur writers out there. One route I am currently working on is bookmarks, every reader loves a good book mark, so I hope to get printed leather book marks with my website etched in to hand out to people either locally or online as free giveaways.
So let me know what you think, does anyone out there have any good self published marketing gold they would like to share? What about all of you with successful blogs, how did you go about gaining more followers?


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