Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from LastOfTheAuthors


Seasons greetings readers. By now most of you should be tucked into your Christmas eve routine, mine being a last minute gift dash (one year I will prevail), followed by a few hours of getting the kids to go to sleep (and that’s now when they still don’t really understand who Santa is). Following all that it has to be cheese, biscuits and a glass of pretty much anything that contains alcohol. So with everything that comes with the Christmas show, I will not keep you long. This is a quick message to all of my readers, I know since taking on the mighty NaNoWriMo it would be fair to say I’ve been a bit blog shy, truth is that November almost killed me off, for weeks after I barely wanted to look at another laptop again, let alone type on one. The fear is over now and I’ve already begun to kick start a few goodies for the new year.
Wishing everyone all around the world a very happy Christmas.


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