Christmas Memories

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Christmas Memories

I miss what Christmas used to be about. Okay, okay sure as a child it was mostly about the presents, we’ll call it at 80% about the presents. But Christmas used to come with so much more than that, there was an added magic, It was what made December the longest month of the year. Now it goes by in a flash, before I know it, it’s Christmas eve and I’m yet to do my Christmas shop.
I think it’s safe to say we all saw the ‘Black Friday’ videos on the news, it was disgusting and humiliating to consider yourself of the same species as these ‘animals’ fighting over television sets from brands I’ve never even heard of. I work in retail myself and witnessed the manic crowds of shoppers pile into shops as if we were about to close for good. Only a few doors down from us, two women had to be pulled apart, tearing each others hair out over a pair of shoes, I can honestly say I’ve never experienced the feeling of wanting a product so much I would fight someone over it. ‘Black Friday’ wasn’t Christmas magic, it was selfishness and greed at its worst.
I miss that Christmas smell, it can’t be bottled, it can’t be duplicated and manufactured. The smell of a freshly cut tree in the corner of our living room, sure mum had to hoover the needles daily and by January it would look better placed in a desert, but you can’t beat a real Christmas tree. Of course I’m contradicting myself, I have an artificial tree, I’m a twenty first century adult and artificial is easy, we live in a society that thrives to make everything easier and safer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t miss it.
I miss the magic of family. A room full of people with only enough chairs designed for five. My Nan and Aunty would be singing carols that I had never heard, my uncle would be slumped in his chair, eyes never leaving the television set. My mum would be scatting around everywhere making dinner, dizzy still from last nights ‘sherry duty’ and her morning glass of Bucks Fizz.
No matter how awesome my new ‘Now that what I call music’ tape was, no matter how many more Lego sets I received I would be guaranteed to always be jealous of what ever my brothers got.
I miss the real meaning of Christmas. People often forget that we celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ, it seems it’s become some what of a consumer day more than a celebration. Of course not everybody is religious, I can hold my hands up to not attending church, but you can’t take anything away from the very special nativity story.
So what’s changed for me that makes me feel as if the magic has gone? Well I’m an adult basically and the magic doesn’t quite feel the same as from a child’s eyes. Fatherhood, it is now my turn to create the magic, create the festive spirit and memories for my own children. The more I thought about this, the more that special feeling returned. I get to be a child again, for one day only, this is about the children and the occasion, not about how much your new electric shaver from aunty Bev cost or the disappointment on your partner’s face when they open up a deodorant box set they probably saw on offer for five pounds when you last did a food shop. Christmas is about family, Christmas is about creating another memory, Christmas is supposed to be fun.
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. – MojoDad Jim


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