My NaNoWriMo journey so far…

So here I am. Almost half way in my first ever NaNoWriMo adventure. I’m feeling it, really feeling the pressure that comes with 50,000 words in 30 days. This has, in only 13 days been one of the most difficult two weeks of my life. I’m juggling a 9 hour day job 5 days a week, a family that contains two children under three, I’m still reading for book reviews, trying to blog on two sites and write at least 1,500 words a night towards my novel. It’s safe to say ‘me’ time does not exist anymore. But they don’t call it a challenge for nothing, NaNoWriMo is quite possibly the writing equivalent to running a marathon.
I began my novel with a fairly simple concept . First person perspective, man wakes up in the future. That was it. I had no middle or end. Being that it’s written in first it gave me the room to create a story through my experiences of ‘being’ the character. This worked perfectly for long descriptive chapters, building up word count and character personality. But there came to a point where I needed a strong story line, this is where I started writing chapters into the character’s past, giving the reader clues into why and into what’s to come. Still nothing would fit together, I had a few good ideas but the puzzle just wouldn’t sit right. It was on a walk down the convenience store that it hit me like a lightening bolt. I’ve got into the habit of taking a notebook and pen with me everywhere and because the store was only 10 minutes up the road there was no need, so not having anything to write my ideas down on me I sprinted home like a scene from Charlie and the chocolate factory. I had my golden ticket and (if I do say myself) a brilliant story, I just hope I can do it justice. One of the biggest challenges is being self controlled enough to not look back over what I’ve written, the second I do that will be the second this adventure ends. Thanks to any readers who have been patient with me while I do this, with any luck you will have been the first readers of a brand new author’s blog.
– Last of the Authors


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