Future self

I received an email from myself recently. Sounds a bit weird but bear with me on this. On occasion I will send myself images I need to print or important bits and bobs but what was weird about this email was that it was dated from 2005. When I was thirteen I had found a website that let you email your future self, you set the year, the date and the time and your message is delivered doc brown style. Completely forgetting doing any of this first led me to believe that I was about to start my Indiana Jones/goonie style adventure I’d always hoped for but seeing the web address I eventually put two and two together (not going to lie I was slightly disheartened. Maybe next time).

Being a young and immature teenager the email starts with just a long list of swear words followed by a “HELLLOOOOO FUTURE BETH”. Standard for a 13 year old.  I’m proud of past Beth. Good job.  The rest of the email included questions most people my age dread eg what are you doing with your life, do you have a boyfriend, are you still friends with your friends now, where do you live, are you an old cat lady yet etc. Not really knowing what to write it comes to a swift end and finishes with “I hope you’re happy and doing well and that you’re still the same me, the same Beth. Good luck and take care. Lots of love.”

It got me thinking about what I wanted in life then and what I want in life now. What I’ve achieved and how much more I want to go on to do. I wish I could tell past Beth about all the things that will happen, tell her not to worry because right now, today, you’re in a good position surrounded by close friends. This tiny snippet from a past self really shocked me, it was the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to time travel. Not exactly an episode of Doctor Who but still pretty cool (thankfully less aliens are involved) so today I’m going to send another email to future Beth. Using the same questions I can document how my life has changed over the last ten years like a personal survey or the diary from Harry potter and the chamber of secrets minus the whole evil dark lord part. I think I’ll stick to the sound advice from before: just be yourself, keep going and good luck. Now it’s your turn, if you could send a message to your future self what would you say?


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