Everythings changing – Last of the Authors, Re-designed

Wow, Wow, Wow! Last of the Authors has over gone a make-over.

Change is the law of life
. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
– John F. Kennedy

I decided that lastoftheauthors.com was in need of a redesign, it needed expanding beyond my vaguely futile mind. So, here it is, a brand new look. Not exactly mind blowing I can hear you say, unless they are just the voices of my own self doubt. No, it is not the image of the site that has over gone the biggest change, instead, the concept of what I want for lastoftheauthors. What was once just a limitless cupboard for all my thoughts is now a platform for other creative minded people. I chose the sub title ‘Aspiring to inspire’ because I want the site to help bring out the best in other’s talents, maybe through seeing what we do and replicating. I want the site to showcase the next big thing in creative design, show you books that are not behind Autobiographies of every member of T.O.W.I.E. and then 50 Shades of Grey parts eleven and twelve on your supermarket book shelf. I want it to show through the ones who have established themselves, how their journey of discovery went and tips on how you too can become the next big thing.
One way in which I hope to achieve all these things is by taking the ‘I’ out of everything I just typed to ‘we’, I hope to put together a team at LastoftheAuthors and my first step is to introduce you to a new member. Beth Davies has been brought in as an editor, you can look forward to a different perspective in blogging fro her. Fresh from graduating in illustration from the University of Portsmouth, she will bring a unique visual edge to our site. She will be showing us some of her latest projects, and I can tell you now what a talent she is. Here is a few samples of some of her work for you to drool over.

Iphone 976Iphone 975Iphone 974Iphone 960Iphone 961Iphone 962

Iphone 971Iphone 972Iphone 973Iphone 965Iphone 967Iphone 968

As you can see, very talented. I know I can’t wait to see more. She is available for commissioned pieces, please use the contact us page at the top of the site.
We are now also on Facebook, our page is linked to the site, a few helpful ‘likes’ wouldn’t go a miss, after all the internet is one big popularity contest. Thank you all for taking the time to view us, I’m looking for more people to get involved so please, please don’t be shy, and give us a comment or get in contact if you want to get involved.

Last of the Authors


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