Company Spotlight Miero and Competition Giveaway!! Win a Mieroglyph wristband!




Ever felt in need of a little inspiration?
What if you didn’t need to look any further than your own wrist.
I’m genuinely excited to write about a fairly new company called Miero. From the USA ,they produce these lovingly hand made bracelets, for women and men, called Mieroglyphs. These ancient Egyptian style bracelets each have a personalised inscription on the inside.


Miero’s Vision
The Vision of Miero is to provide a powerful style that carries an even more powerful meaning. Every product is hand-crafted to instill inspiration and motivation. All of our one-of-a-kind products can be customized with a personalized message to yourself, whether it’s a favourite lyric from a song, a quote from someone you admire, or simply a personal reminder. A lot of people ask why our products have the inscriptions engraved on the inside as opposed to the outside… well, this is because each Miero is all about personal well-being and not necessarily for the world’s eyes to see. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts!
Consider this your hidden tattoo… Your modern locket…


Fabric bracelets are fast becoming a fashion accessory must, Miero’s are very well made and are that little bit different to the usual wrist-wear. Their logo represents your third eye. Known to provide perception beyond ordinary sight and a gateway leading to higher consciousness. Be sure to pay them a visit at

The Competition
I’m giving away one of these special bracelets to one lucky winner, here are the rules.
– Leave a comment containing the inspirational message you would have inscribed and maybe a reason why. (comment button at the top of page)
– Share this site on Facebook, other social media or re-blog  (
– Please leave your email address so the winner can be contacted.
– Only one entry per person.
– Competition ends Saturday 13th September 2014

Good Luck – Last of the Authors



11 thoughts on “Company Spotlight Miero and Competition Giveaway!! Win a Mieroglyph wristband!

  1. Abit cheeky but ill kick things off, I would have my children’s birthdays and the date I got married or ‘where you invest your love you invest your life’ my favourite quote from one of my favourite songs x


  2. For my son who has achieved so much under the most difficult of circumstances

    “Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do”.


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