Conforming, such a bad thing?



Is conforming such a bad thing?


We’ve all been there, I know I have, that little phase that sticks two fingers up at society and says I’m going to live life my way.

But is conforming to the person society wants us to be all that bad?
I was eighteen with piercings in every part of my body that would allow, hair that changed color more often than a chameleon and clothes that made a homeless man look more employable. I believed in my heart of hearts that I could and would spend the rest of my life skateboarding. There were no time perceptions, sleeping when I wanted and skating when I wanted. As the old saying goes I was a rebel without a cause.
So why do some or even most of us go through these feelings?
We all want to be individual, we want to believe we can make our own choices and decisions in life, not loosing touch with who we are. Once that is taken away we tend to have ‘moments of madness’ that help us to take back control of our lives. Many examples of this are seen so often, it doesn’t need to be through major piercings or extreme sports. Such examples are, acting out sexually, society says we should stay faithful to our partner, especially in marriage where you have taken such vows. In present times affairs are becoming increasingly common, but really are affairs just us being humans and fighting conformity, handing power back to ourselves? A lot of us break our lives into departments; for example, Work / Family / Hobby / Friends. In doing this it allows us to conform where is necessary and rebel in other chosen departments. The World Wide Web has now a part to play in this game against conforming. Most of us now have access to a whole new world, a virtual world, a place we can be who we want to be and in some extreme cases be who society doesn’t want you to be.
So, going back to my question earlier, is conforming such a bad thing? In a big way no, we live as a community, it’s in a human’s design. Conforming helps us to support the community around us, to have good morals and to resist chaos. As long as you don’t lose sight as to why we conform and as long as you don’t sacrifice the person you are. This can be damaging to a persons mental health.
Being blessed with two children has only heightened my views on conformity, I can now live my life the way I wish my children to do so. There is so much emphasis on someone’s up bringing to conform to society’s plan. From the moment you are born our parents or guardians are enforcing rules, to teachers at school and all the way to your work life.
Remember we are all children of this world, now imagine a child without rules, chaos right? As children of Earth we too need rules.
– Last of The Authors




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