Writers Block

Bloody writers block, it hits you at the worst of times.
I was really flowing with my novel and then I wrote just the one sentence that I hated. I could have just skipped and come back at a later date, but instead it kept playing and playing on my mind like a ridiculous YouTube craze song. The truth is, this one sentence knocked my confidence in writing, sounds silly right? I got over the my little big problem in the end but then came to my next problem. My starring character is going through hell, really down in the dumps stuff, while the writer, me, was in a pretty good place in life and found it increasingly difficult to attach myself to the feelings and emotions of this character. Are there any other writers out there that attach themselves emotionally to certain characters in order to gain full writing potential?
I can tell you now I’m back in full literacy swing, I read through what was already written, but, acted out scenes he was in to feel again how he must feel. Once I got to my problem part I was flowing again, I was seeing things clearer because I was actually seeing them, sometimes it’s a hell of a lot easier to write what you see right there infront of you than something you imagine. After all isn’t imagination just an extra to what we already see.
I would love to know how others deal with writers block, do you have a ritual or method?
Until next time or never writers block, Jim.


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