Mirror, Mirror… A Poem


Mirror, mirror on the wall, this is how I take my fall.
My face is sad, I’m all out of crying,
The grey hairs on my head tell me I’m dying.
Time is short and life is cruel,
Haven’t felt so alone since my first days of school.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, take me back to when I could only crawl.
Life was simple, the world was mine,
I never had this devil calling up my spine.
Santa Claus and presents and all I could dream,
All turned to nightmares that wake me in a scream.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I long for a reflection that stands me tall.
The scars are clear, my eyes grow weary,
Doomed to this hollow life makes me teary.
Drowning in a river of thoughts, fighting for breathe in a world I will never understand,
Waiting for this Lord almighty to take me by my hand.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what you really see is nothing at all.
This darkness, the roots grow deep inside,
You see nothing but the make-up I’ve applied
Happiness you witness, even my best friend,
Wishing, praying for this life to end.

This poem is a late follow up to my piece on depression.
It describes the image that is seen on someone who suffers from depression. There is more to a person than the image they portray.


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