Till’ we’re old and Grey – A Poem


Bones are weak, but the heart beats strong.
When hands touch, there’s a feeling we belong.
Sharing our journey with those that we meet,
Telling the story of how I swept you off your feet,
You make me laugh in good times, crying when you are down,
Always so beautiful, with eyes of caramel brown.
I trace every wrinkle and make fun of your dimple,
Silver lines on my head, I know there’s plenty
Yet you still make me feel, when I was twenty.

Gone now, you’ve left me all alone,
Left nothing but the scent of your cologne
Now with the angels, I knew you had to go,
I spend every day wishing it wasn’t so.
Old habits, I reach out to hold your hand,
I long for your guidance and your stern command,
Knees quaking, heart breaking, tear ducts are aching,
An old man reminiscing, trying not to weep,
Remembering the vows I promised to keep
The void that you’ve left will never be filled
Nothing to live for, no life to build.
I love you dear; you would always say,
Till’ time runs out, till’ we’re old and grey.


One thought on “Till’ we’re old and Grey – A Poem

  1. Refreshing to see a post not based around the controversy of his death–“We should worry about more important things, instead of a celebrity death,” people say. But you are using his death to look at “more important things.” I like it.


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