Short Shorts, What happened to modesty?


What happened to modesty?
You’ve seen them, you might even be one of them?
Girls in short shorts, not just short but very short. So tiny a pair of frilly French knickers would be less revealing. They are walking around us in more volume than rats, attire so small I can see the triangle shaped mole in the middle of her right backside cheek.

I’m not saying take us back to the Victorian ages where a flash of ankle would be considered a sexual act, but I do however think the amount of flesh on show has become so considerable it’s quite off putting. It’s borderline pornography! Maybe I’m just beginning to show my age, surely not at 28, but ten years ago the girls wearing these clothes would have had names like Sapphire or Roxie and spend their evenings dancing around a pole at 2am, even still that’s considered an honourable profession in this day in age. What’s happened to the romance, the desire for a man to see more, the jaw gaping ecstasy of seeing a woman in all her beautiful glory for the first time? There is no mystery anymore, when summers gone and the cold sinks in, I’m sorry love but you will have to find a personality.
There’s a very fine line I’m treading on here I understand, we should teach women to be proud of their bodies, and why not, the female body is beautiful no matter what shape or size, but I’m a believer in keeping beauty a secret.

“Too much nudity is a turn off. Especially if all that flesh is on one person.
― Jarod Kintz

Children- has to be mentioned in the subject of short shorts as they too are becoming alarmingly frequent, is it right that young teens and even pre-teens are wearing clothing so revealing? Surely this is candy to a pedophile? I wanted another blog perspective on the subject and came across

The adult commenters are the ones sexualizing little girls. So if you have a problem with girls wearing short shorts, you should probably stop attributing sexual characteristics to them and just let them live their lives.

She raises fair points in her blog but the answer is reality, you can’t hide from the fact that pedophiles exist and are they becoming more of a problem because of the provocative way some children dress.
I must apologise for the different area from my usual blogs and I know and understand it may cause friction or debate, but what stands to be unproven is that it is certainly a talking point.


6 thoughts on “Short Shorts, What happened to modesty?

  1. I think you’re totally right. As a teenage girl I’ve never felt comfortable enough to wear short-shorts, so hey what do I know! However I have seen a TED lecture, which claimed that women or girls who do reveal so much of themselves are much more prone to be sexualized by the opposite sex to a point where they are looked on as objects and not as human beings. The talk was on bikinis BUT I think it still holds truth with regards to this. And as a side note: I just can’t see parents openly condoning their daughters wearing such shorts.

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    • Exactly right. Women have been striving for hundreds of years for social equality, they don’t want to be seen as a sex object, but while attire like this is becoming so popular that opinion is never going to disappear. I think some of the blame has to go on the shoulders of ‘celebrities’ who probably think they are encouraging young girls to be more confident with they’re bodies but are instead moving the ones that aren’t further away from the rest, more prone to bullying for covering up. Thanks for you comment


  2. I think you are absolutely right. I am a teenage a girl and I don’t want to accept the fact that immodesty is the fashion now! Modesty reveals dignity. Women are not objects…we are humans!


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