A letter to my Children – Poem

Dear children,
I’am your guardian, procreator, your origin.
I’am a slave to the needs of your development.
Like a donkey I will carry your burdens across baron times.
This, a promise to you, my two fallen stars.
I will go out of my way to preen and protect the life you lead
Every path I make will be savagely cleared, the wilderness will not hold you back.
I remain open like a book that never stops giving,
Page within page of emotional tapestry.
Strong and honest I will stand, you will see the light of God through me,
His existence will give me the strength to give you faith.
My two little Lion men, I build a pride that surrounds and loves, family will never be a distance away.
Like a leader I will teach, grow and be as bright as an August Sun,
Make light from your knowledge and tear away dark.
I have two brothers and you both have one, lean on each other, survive off each other, you have the unbreakable bond.
Thank you for giving me purpose, a light in my heart and strength in my soul.
My Love for you both holds no condition, you both already make this obscure and painful world a better place.
Once I was hurting, a misguided fool, you both came along and made me whole.


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