Double Book Review with P.S. Bartlett + exclusive Q & A



Fireflies is a beautifully told story of a big family living in 1800s America. The novel primarily revolves around the youngest member, Ennis, and his special gift. Each and every member of the family has their own unique character, a real sense of individuality in such a warm and loving household. I was pulled into not only a great read but I felt to feel part of the family too, sharing their every up and down as if it effected my life also. Particularly intriguing were the sub stories of how the parents, Owen and Sarah, moved over to the ‘promised land’ from their native Ireland. I found fireflies a truly enchanting read that took me to peaceful and simple times. I was enriched with the powerful story of one family and their secrets, hopes and desires. I took a keen interest in Teagan, the adolescent girl with big dreams and the even bigger heart she had for the darling Ennis. I felt her nerves and excitement through Bartlett’s profound style of writing as she balanced all her problems while falling for the cheeky and confident neighbour Eli. It doesn’t surprise this novel has been nominated in two categories for the Readers’ Favourite Book Review Contest. I highly, highly recommend getting lost in this book, especially for those interested in History, fantasy and the paranormal. It is beautifully written and won’t be one to leave your thoughts any time soon after.


Hope from the Ocean

The prequel to Fireflies. When finishing the first book and loving it, my thoughts quickly turned to wanting to read more on the lives of Dr Owen and Sarah in Ireland before they moved over. P.S. Bartlett teases us with small sub-plots within Fireflies but clearly understands her audience as she answers our wishes as Owen takes Ennis back on a story about his life growing up and crossing the Ocean. The writing was outstanding, dare I say it, I felt Bartlett had evolved in her work in such a short amount of time. She answers questions that might be unclear in Fireflies and sets the scene in time and place brilliantly. I loved reading about past-time Ireland, I loved the characters once again and I loved the emotional end. Hope from the Ocean is a magnificent story of Family, hope and Love, I would say that you could read this novel before or after Fireflies such is the simplicity of understanding. 

P.S. Bartlett is a name worth remembering, she has a gift that needs to keep giving. So, for my sake not just hers, go and buy these books. Do something I guarantee you won’t regret and support this Author so we may be graced with more. 



Exclusive Q & A with P.S. Bartlett

Hi Peggy and thank you for your time, Congratulations on being nominated for two categories in the readers’ favourite book review contest…

-How does it feel to be nominated and did you ever imagine when writing fireflies it would succumb to this much attention?
It feels incredible Jim! Honestly, while I was writing “Fireflies,” not once did I think it wouldn’t get published and I refused to allow myself a single negative thought where the story was concerned. I was so green and had to learn everything about publishing after I wrote the book. I am very lucky though in that I have an incredible team behind me. I have three smart and savvy ladies doing my beta reading who are above all honest and they told me they believed the book was something special. I have a wonderful publisher behind me in GMTA and a talented cover artist as well. I’ve met some of the most generous book bloggers, authors and readers who believe in my writing and storytelling who have encouraged and mentored me too. However, an honor like this with Readers’ Favorite is above and beyond anything I could have hoped for.

Which Author alive or passed would you have loved to have as a mentor?
Stephen King for sure. I love that he writes by the seat of his pants and just lets the story unfold organically. That’s how I write too for the most part. I put together my characters and a loose outline and then they run amok and change everything! 😉

What do you value most in your life?
My family. Providing for them, supporting them and spending time with them means more to me than anything.

If you could give out one piece of advice to any new writers hoping to get their work published, what would it be?
WRITE. Write from your heart as well as your head and don’t get caught up in crossing T’s and dotting i’s. Yes, it’s important in the end but tell the story first and then worry about the technical stuff.

-You write a very understanding account of what it is to be an adolescent, even if it’s written about hundreds of years ago, did you aim to hit home with a younger audience and would you ever write a YA novel like a lot of authors seem to do at the moment?
Thank you for the compliment. I aimed to just tell a good story and be true to the characters. I love all of the characters in my books as if they were real people. I come from a very large family and have had a lot of experience with personalities of all kinds. I was a quiet and shy young girl so I paid attention and just took it all in. As far as what I’ll write in the future I can’t say but I love YA so if a story comes to me that I feel I need to write and it happens to be YA, I’m all for it. I love all genres! 🙂

Is there anywhere in the world you would like to travel to but haven’t?
Too many to list but next year my family and I would like to travel to Europe. My ancestors are Irish and Welsh and my husband’s are Polish. We’d like to see where our great grandparents lived. I’d also love to visit Africa and Australia.

-And finally, are you currently working on another project or novel and do you have any teasers for my readers and yours?
I finished my third novel last month and it is currently being edited. We’re hoping for a September launch. This one is Historical Fiction/Adventure. Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Charlies Angels. 😉 This one is definitely not YA though.

Both books are out now to buy;
hope from the ocean


3 thoughts on “Double Book Review with P.S. Bartlett + exclusive Q & A

  1. Thank you for these amazing reviews. This is why I write–why WE all write: “P.S. Bartlett is a name worth remembering, she has a gift that needs to keep giving. So, for my sake not just hers, go and buy these books. Do something I guarantee you won’t regret and support this Author so we may be graced with more.”


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