This week’s visit from my friend Johnny ‘Common-Cold’


So only my second week into the blogging world and I get an unwanted visit from Mr Johnny ‘Common-Cold’, needless to say ive had very little inspiration so forgive me if reading about someones cold is not up your street.
In a strange way I can’t help but embrace the common cold with open arms, it’s the one and only time I will ever buy something because it has ‘one of your five-a-day’ written upon it. We strangely do things we should be doing to avoid getting the cold only when we actually have the cold, there’s no cure because its our bodies way of saying; ‘Right this week your gonna need…four litres of orange juice, more than your body weight in water, every vegetable visible in the supermarket, more toilet roll and more, yeah more orange juice.’
How other’s see you
It may just be in the deluded bubble world you’ve just succumbed to, or the lack of sleep from your own snore awaking you at night, but when you have a cold is it just me or does everyone treat you as if you’re the victim of the Plague? It wouldn’t surprise me to wake up in the mornings and find someone painting a red cross on my door with the way I’m looked at sometimes, people would think ive just drawn out a murder weapon from my pocket when I take out a tissue and i do love the good old chase around, which is when someone you know makes it very clear they don’t want what you’ve got by retreating two steps back for every one step you make.
A common-cold joke
A Doctor finished examining a man in his office. ‘It’s just a cold,’ he announced: ‘There is no cure, and you’ll just have to live with it untill it goes away. ‘But, Doctor,’ the patient whined: ‘ Its making me so miserable.’ The Doctor rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. Then he said: ‘Look, go home and take a hot bath. Then put on some swimming trunks and run around a field three or four times.’ ‘What!’ the patient exclaimed: I’ll get pneumonia!’ ‘Exactly,’ the Doctor replied: ‘We have a cure for pneumonia.’
Les Miserables
Monday morning started off; ‘Wow what a beautiful sunny day.’ I love my summer walks to work, even if the end destination is work, then i will pop into my local shop and I’m greeted by a lovely chatty old lady, i proceed to my regular coffee counter and enjoy the sweet morning taste of a vanilla latte.
Tuesday morning started off; ‘ Oh for god’s sake it’s too bright, im boiling hot and im cold as well.’ I’m not walking to work , when’s this bus suppose to arrive im achy? I should have called in sick. The old lady in the newsagent can go to hell I’ve got a headache, the coffee tastes of snot, everything tastes of snot??

Until next time Johnny Common-Cold, please call ahead I never have any orange juice


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