Immortality and the 2045 initiative


Want to live forever? Well, it’s not too far away apparently.
Still on the subject of what the future holds for us, I began researching some more, perhaps a little further than the future i’m writing about. It was then that I came across the 2045 initiative, what I read stuck to me like glue and i thought; ‘Jim, you’re a blogger now, people need to know about this.’ Please forgive me if you’ve seen or heard about the project before, but for those that haven’t, perhaps you may have heard of the slightly more well-known ‘Calico’ which is shorthand for the California Life Company, set up in 2013 by Google inc. They’re goal is to focus on the challenge of migitating and curing aging and diseases associated with aging
The 2045 initiative however was set up in 2011 by Russian entrepeneur Dmitry Itskov with leading Russian specialists in neural interfaces, robotics and artificial organs. They have a four step plan (every 5 – 10 years) on advancing our technology to the point that in 2045 we will have ‘Avatar’ technology, the ability to have our brain function in an Avatar and subsequently live forever.

Now, i could go on and on and possibly bore the pants off you with every detail of their aim, but I’m not going to be the one that does that to you, however if your interested in seeing more visit them at
They seem to have gone about this in all the right way, having leading religious figure heads showing support with the likes of Dalai Lama and Indian great saint Mahasiddha Pilot Baba’s. Also as a non-profit organisation they are doing this on donations alone, but this made me think as to whether this will happen at all, I mean really, imagine a world where cosmetics won’t be needed anymore, no need for food or drink, bye-bye condom company, will we even be able to reproduce? Will the human race stop here? I’m sure as dandy that the major corporations (that run this planet) will have a say in the go ahead for this project.

Personally speaking I think this will happen, I’ve seen enough advancements to suggest this is on the horizon. I feel a lot of good can come from the research these guys are doing, hopefully dementia will go and we are already making organs.
Then there is space travel, if we are living through an avatar that can take Lightspeed then whats stopping us from reaching out further and beyond.
Is 2045 too early, in a word yes, I can’t imagine we will be ready for such a change in our lifetime, not to mention all the barbed wire they will need to cross before it goes ahead.
I don’t know, for me there is something tragically beautiful in dying, having my time on earth and letting the next generation live their lives.

I would Love to know everyone’s thoughts on this.

– Last of the Authors


3 thoughts on “Immortality and the 2045 initiative

  1. Hmmmm. Not sure what I think about this. This is great. . .in books and movies but in real life? Well. . . I think that this will create another form of discrimination. The rich who can afford these avatars are the ones who can live forever, while the ones who can’t afford them. . .well, they just have to hope that they go to heaven. . .if they believe in the afterlife.


  2. I think it’s really cool, but the more I think about it, the more issues I find about it. If this project reaches the final stage where the avatars are like holograms, does that mean that humanity can no longer produce new life? Every life in this world will be “old souls”. Hmmmm.


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