Once upon a time…



Once upon a time…

If only i was writing a children’s novel because today i touched the pen to paper on my new book. Any writer will tell you of the fear that comes with staring into that blank white screen or page if you’d prefer, the longer you stare, the bigger the void becomes. All these ideas, all the brainstorming, all the research, all trapped untill that first line in your novel is done. That first sentence can set the bar for your readers, pull them in, lock them in handcuffs and pull their mind through the literacy ride of a lifetime.

Chapter one… or prologue… ?

One of the fundamental rules of writing a novel, ive found, is the importance of introducing your central character to the reader. In my story, the central character wakes in a confused state, another of many don’ts when beginning a story, even if that was how The Hunger Games began. I put myself into the mind-set of the reader and decided against beginning my book in this way, i want to entice not bore.

‘LEAVE… leave that door Smith.’
There was no stopping Pelling, crusading through corridor after corridor, he shone Smith a look of scowl rather than gratitude. Smith, with guilt ridden across his childlike face, bowed his glance to the floor and muttered;

Prologues are the beginning before the start, ive begun my book by using my sub characters because their scene is key to the reader’s understanding, and because the pace is quick as you can read from the small snippet i put up from the prologue.

I would love to get some feedback from all you writers on your experiences when putting pen to paper for the first time on your novels.



One thought on “Once upon a time…

  1. Well, when the first story that I got published was inspired from some word blocks and a 10 minute timer in my English class, after that I just loved it so much and began to add more and more onto it. It is definitely Billy Wilder inspired Film Noir writing! But that is how I mainly like to start my writing out, because it forces me to pick 3 or however many objects/places to incorporate into the short 10 minute story!


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