The Future…?


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today
Malcolm X

So, as a fan of good old Sci-Fi novels I decided to have a crack on that genre so to speak. I’m finding already that maybe I’ve thrown myself into the deep end without a float. I was never any good at science at school yet I’ve always had the desire to know the unknowable, even with a religious background. My story is to be set around time travel, which has led me onto research about quantum physics and protons, my only knowledge in the subject is thanks to the writings of Bill Bryson so it’s definitely opened my eyes to the possibility that time travel could indeed be a possibility.

The future… Do I make up my very own world of endless technological advances, do I write in a world that has been torn apart or do I research into what is already being built for our future, needless to say I chose the latter. In the near future it seems we will be looking at computers and tablets the way we look at a VCR player now. Soon we will live in a world where we will be able to access the World Wide Web using only our thoughts, soon we will be turning on a kettle using an app, everything will be wireless. Revolving buildings, electronic cars and even clothes with nanotechnology built into the fibres are all just a few years away. The thought of writing in a world I’m yet to live in scares the day light out of me but excites me with endless new possibilities to my plot lines.



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