Born is the King

This, my very first blog.
I’ve never had a reason to do anything like this before until now, never felt I had anything interesting to say.
Reason for starting a blog, simple, I’m about to start writing a book. I’m not an established author, I didn’t go to university, I didn’t even finish college but I’ve always been a person who’s best asset is writing.
It was my wife and I’s first wedding anniversary recently, I wanted to give her a gift that was paper themed (being the element to one year of marriage) and so took on the challenge of writing her a short novel. The story was from my own experiences spanning only over three months, when I first met my wife and a three month period five years before I met my wife. I wrote things in there so personal and painful, even my wife didn’t know about them.
This, along with my love of reading has inspired me to take on a bigger book, a book I can share with everyone.
‘Just because you sit on a lot of chairs doesn’t mean you can build a chair.’
Taking this into account I’m sharing with you, through blogging, my journey as I take on this challenge.
My name is Jim Murdoch and this is my journey.


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